CONTENT "Magic With A Christmas Theme"
(also known as "Christmas Magic"-Book by Marc Dibowski)

Also in an edition from AMAZEKIDS with additional ideas and routines by Danny Orleans, but without the adult-things (mental routines).

You will find on the large 78 pages (Letter Size):

Including some fully described magic routines:
mentalism, close-up for family audience, parlour/stage routine with full audience participation ...

Foreword by David Kaye (Silly Billy)
Why do a Christmas Show?
St Nicholas, Santa Claus and the Christ Child
Magic in the Christmas Season
Aspects of a Christmas show
Music and more
The Stage setting of a christmas show
Easy to use props and decorations
Props, Effects, Ideas
Effects in a Christmas Show
Ideas for props
The Central Theme
(Fragments of) Routines & Ideas
Christmas Match - mental coincidence for stage and close-up
Christmas-bauble-gift pack - a close-up effect at the table
Artwork |Pattern for the Christmas-bauble-gift pack
Marketed Christmas Effects
Christmas traditions in different countries and lots of ideas
Gags for Christmas
Bonus routine: X-mas surprise (a mental effect for adults). Close-up and stage
(many said that I should publish this as an separate item)
The naked Truth
Always up-to-date

In this book, Marc Dibowski, author of some bestselling magic books in germany, shares ideas and effects for a magic act in the holiday season.

Add a touch of winter and christmas to your kids show, stand-up, mental or close-up act. In addition to ideas on props, you will also find routines and ways to tailor your act for christmas without large expenses, without adding loads of new props, without laborious efforts. Find effects for parlour, stage and close-up. Find lots of ideas to get a christmassy touch on your regular props and show. He gives you ideas for props, and also routines designed to build in a Christmas theme without having to spend weeks designing a complete new magic show.

Find ideas for your adult and kid-shows.The book is completed with informations on Christmas characters, links to marketed effects including sources and information on Christmas traditions in different countries.

This book isn´t about the "gospel side" auf magic; it´s more about taking your existing effects and make them more "Christmassy" ...

You WILL use some of these ideas ...!

4th edition with printable sheets &  download files, 2013

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