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CHRISTMAS MAGIC - ideas for magicians and family entertainers (CLICK!)

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“Magic with a Christmas Theme” Book
Christmassy ideas for (children´s) entertainers

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Christmas Magic Book & eBook (PDF)- Marc Dibowski
Foreword by David Kaye

The book by Marc Dibowski:
Christmas Magic - Magic With A Christmas Theme Book

As reviewed with **** in MAGIC, VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE, MAGIE and LINKING RING and highly recommended by Bill Abbott, Chris Capehart and more Pros.

"Magic with a christmas theme" - Marc Dibowski

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In this brandnew magicbook, Marc Dibowski, author of some bestselling magic books in germany, shares ideas and effects for a magic act in the holiday season.
This is Dibowskis first book in the englisch language. And it´s a hit!

Add a touch of winter and christmas to your kids show, stand-up, mental or close-up act. In addition to ideas on props, you will also find in "Christmas Magic" routines and ways to tailor your act for christmas without large expenses, without adding loads of new props, without laborious efforts. Find effects for parlour, stage and close-up. Find ideas to get a christmassy touch on your regular show. Marc gives you ideas for props, and also routines designed to build in a Christmas theme without having to spend weeks designing a complete new magic show.

Find ideas for your adult and kid-shows.The book is completed with informations on Christmas characters, links to marketed effects including sources and information on Christmas traditions in different countries.

You will find ideas and routines for a family audience, childrens shows and, adults as well as close-up-routines, stand-up- and mentalism-routines and a lot of gags for performances in the holiday season.

The book "Magic With A Christmas Theme" isn´t about the "gospel side" auf magic; it´s more about taking your existing effects and make them more "Christmassy" ...

Find christmas magic tricks and ideas.

You WILL use some of these ideas ...!

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“[...] A must read [...] Very highly recommended.
Paul Romhany Vanish Magic Magazine Issue #4

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78 pages | Letter Size | 8'' x 11.5''

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- Christmas Magic - GERMAN edition - Deutsche Ausgabe

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