Magic With A Christmas Theme - Reviews
(also known as the "Christmas Magic Book", Marc Dibowski)

SOME REVIEWS of “Magic With a Christmas Theme”, also known as "Christmas Magic", Marc Dibowski - REVIEW

"The busiest time of year for the children's entertainer is Christmas. You dash from party to party
in a mad whirl with hardly a moment to think.

But someone has done the thinking for you!

How would you like a book to inspire?
A book with more Christmas ideas than you've eaten hot turkeys!
A book to read well before Christmas, which is crammed with great ideas and magical twists on existing props?
Marc Dibowski has done just that and written a Christmas cracker of a book! If you use only a few ideas from it, they will transform your Christmas shows and put YOU at the top of the tree!"
Jeremy Le Poidevin from

The comedy and the magic works. The book is well written and should be well received by the magic community. I would definitely recommend this book to all magicians and workers of kids.”
Chris Capehart

" [...] and I'd love to perform it at my next opportunity, regardless of the season ..."
Steve Bryant, Little Egypt Magic Magazine ,

“I REALLY enjoyed your Christmas book of routine, effects and ideas. This would open a whole new world of opportunities to the working performer.I think your advice based on experience is worth its weight in gold.”
Bill Abbott, Toronto Canada,

“This book should be called 'loads of great ideas that you will use in your christmas shows'. The title hides the gems that are hidden inside.
As I read through it I kept thinking - why didn't I think of that? Worth every penny.”
Keith Fields,

"I have just read a most enjoyable book by Marc Dibowski, on the topic of Christmas shows. This is not a standard book of Christmas routines; instead, it will help to stimulate your own creativity so you can design your own Christmas magic show. Marc thoroughly covers music selection, stage setting and various props and effects to use in a Christmas show. He also has a wealth of ideas you can incorporate with standard magic props you probably already own. For completeness, there is also a section on commercially available Christmas show props.

This book definitely fills a need in the magic community,
and I give it my highest recommendation!
Marty Hahne - Linking Ring Kid Show Columnist

“[...] A must read [...] Very highly recommended.
Paul Romhany Vanish Magic Magazine Issue #4 

"[...] Marc included a bonus mentalism routine for adults at the end, which is in my opinion worth the
price of the ebook itself. It is wonderful. I loved it and have prepared my own little variation of this.
Chris Wasshuber Lybrary

"[...] if you would like to add Christmas-themed elements to your stand-up show, the "Magic with a Christmas Theme" book is filled with ideas that can stimulate your creativity."
Wayne Kawamoto Magic About

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Mental magic, childrens magic, ideas, christmas card magic, tips, gags and so much more ...

Christmas Magic

- the book -

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"Grandios und flexibel ..."
(T. Meyer, per E-Mail)

"TOP! [...] Dieses Material stellt alle anderen Handy-Tricks in den Schatten [...] Genial und zukunftsorientiert!"
(R. Sonntag, Zauberschrank Fachforum)

"Ein Tool mit einer Menge Material ... sehr gut [...]"
(S. Olschewski, persönlich)

" Das Set ist auch (…) als Download erhältlich … Da sollte auch der letzte Zweifler nicht mehr lange überlegen müssen!"
(magie, Fachzeitschrift des Magischen Zirkels con Deutschland, 05/2014)

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